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One of the most popular competition series on HGTV, Ellen’s Design Challenge selected Jeff to participate in Seasons 1 and 2 as a show carpenter, where he helped contestants make their designs a reality.

As the host and general contractor, Jeff gave homeowners with dysfunctional, outdated bathrooms hope — with amazing designs and ideas that were budget friendly. Aired on HGTV & DIY network.

Creating innovative designs for unconventional spaces is a signature challenge for HGTV Design Star. As a show carpenter, Jeff helped finalists put their ingenuity to the test to create their inventive designs. Aired on HGTV.

Jeff and HGTV Star winner {name} set out to find America’s most outrageously ugly rooms across the nation. Over the course of one week, the duo transformed an embarrassing room into an eye-popping space. Aired on HGTV.

As host and general contractor for this prime-time series, Jeff demystified the renovation process by helping homeowners choose the best design plan and contractor for their space. Aired on HGTV & DIY network.

DIY Network’s Hot List: Baths 

Jeff took viewers behind the scenes at The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show to peek at upcoming trends. From audio-therapy toilets to micro-bubble bathtubs, this show gave an insider’s look at how to trick out bathrooms with the latest trends. Aired on HGTV.

As part of The Drill Team, Jeff helped transform homeowner’s unbearable situations into unbelievable realities in record setting time. Aired on HGTV.

25 Biggest Renovation Mistakes

HGTV enlisted Jeff’s general contracting expertise and humor to guide viewers through a countdown of what to consider before tackling a major renovation. Aired on HGTV.

10 Ultimate Kitchens

Jeff provided his unique, entertaining and informational opinion in this show focusing on some of the most over-the-top kitchens in the world. Aired on HGTV.

As The Host and Carpenter for six super successful seasons, Jeff, along with Co-host and designer Lauren Lake transformed some of the country’s most dysfunctional kitchens into absolute masterpieces. Aired on HGTV.